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Accreditation of Hampshire Scientific Services Laboratory by UKAS

Accreditation of Hampshire Scientific Services (HSS) laboratory by the United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS).In the UK, official feed and food laboratories (OCLs) are Public and Agricultural Analysts and Food Examiners (microbiology laboratories) that undertake work for local authorities for enforcement purposes. There are 5 OCLs in England and Wales of which HSS is one, and in order for HSS to support their enforcement role, HSS are required to work to accredited quality policies and procedures. These policies and procedures are externally audited annually by UKAS, as are any new methodologies that HSS validate and bring online.HSS (including Asbestos) are in a partnership with Hampshire Constabulary's Scientific Service, and all organisations are covered by the same UKAS accreditation number. The transactions with UKAS cover validation checks / audit costs across the wider Scientific Service.UKAS is appointed by legislation and is the only accreditation body in the UK who can perform these audits and compliance checks and provide HSS with the necessary accreditation status. As such, this contract is being awarded to UKAS pursuant to Regulation 11 of the PCR 2015: public service contracts awarded by a contracting authority to another contracting authority on the basis of an exclusive right which the latter contracting authority enjoys pursuant to a law, regulation or published administrative provision.

Hampshire County Council
The Castle

Contract value: 260000

Published: 4 May 2021, Receipt by: 23 Apr 2021