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COP26_2020_Global Youth Letter on Young People, Cultural Relations and Climate Action

We are looking for one supplier/organisation to collect/crowdsource data and develop a Global Youth Letter to be presented at COP26 and other engagement activities leading up to it.The Youth Letter will collect/crowdsource data from the following 11 countries (Cluster A - estimated sample size 5000): India, Nepal, Brazil, Mexico, Turkey, UAE, Indonesia, Philippines, Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa, to develop a Global Youth Letter to be presented. In addition, this letter will also take into consideration existing data sets from the British Council's Next Generation Report series from the following countries(Cluster B - estimated sample size 500/country): Italy, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Ethiopia, Myanmar, Germany, Ireland - Northern Ireland, Kenya and UK, as well as data collected for the South Asia Youth and Climate Perceptions research from the following countries (Cluster C - estimated sample size 3000): Pakistan, Afghanistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.Deliverables1. Data collection and sharing2. Inception Report3. Final Analytical Report4. Summary paper and slide deck5. Dissemination and Engagement with relevant stakeholders

Bridgewater House
M1 6BB

Contract value: 120000

Published: 5 May 2021, Receipt by: 14 Dec 2020