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CM123 TSC for Repair and Maintenance and Void Repairs to Council Housing and Corporate Properties

To carry out the repairs and maintenance for both council housing stock and corporate properties and restoration of void properties to council housing stock located within the geographical boundaries of the East Riding of Yorkshire (ERY). The Council is unable to guarantee this value or any volume of work. The tenderer must make whatever investigations/enquiries deemed necessary to ascertain a fully inclusive tender capable of fulfilling the specified requirements. This contract is split into 5 lots Lot 1 will cover the Beverley Housing Depot area for Council Housing Stock Lot 2 will cover the Carnaby Housing Depot area for Council Housing Stock Lot 3 will cover the Goole Housing Depot area for Council Housing Stock Lot 4 will cover Plumbing for Council Housing Stock for the entire ERY area Lot 5 will cover corporate properties for the entire ERY area including schools. This includes some minor consequential works. One supplier will be appointed to each lot. The successful contractors in lots 1-4 are expected to provide labour only, except for out of hours callouts or on individual jobs that may require a separate labour and materials quote for additional works not included on works order. Lot 5 service is for labour and materials for all work orders. Tenderers are invited to bid for one or more lots and may be appointed to one or more lots if successful up to a maximum of four lots; However, regardless of the number of lots applied for, a maximum of 2 of Lots 1-3 can be awarded to a single contractor. (See Volume 1 Part 5 clause 5.2 for further details). However, the Council reserves the right not to appoint a single tenderer to more than one or any lot if the financial status or response to selection or other award criteria of the tenderer is deemed inadequate to deliver the anticipated workload. In such a scenario the tenderer will be consulted as part of any determination as to which Lot(s) the Tenderer may be selected for. If a contractor has insufficient turnover, a bond or guarantee may be required. Tenderers must indicate in Volume 2 Tender Submission which lots they wish to apply for and preference of lots should they be successful in more than one lot but not subsequently selected. However, tenderers may not be offered their preference depending on what offers best value to the Council and final award may be subject to consultation. Successful Tenderers may be required to carry out work/services at any location within the East Riding of Yorkshire. However, this contract is separated into lots by Geographical Area (see map in Appendix One) for lots 1-3. Each area requires installations, repairs and maintenance for council housing, with some work on void properties to bring them up to a lettable standard. Tenderers may be requested to cover works in other lots in case of emergency. Lot 4 covers the entire geographical area. Lot 5 - covers the entire geographical area for corporate properties Tenderers may be requested to cover works in ot


Alex Peyton
County Hall
Cross Street
HU17 9BA

Contract value: 14650000-14650000

Published: 6 May 2021, Receipt by: 4 Jun 2018