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Provision of Risk Stratification Tool

NHS Arden & GEM CSU seeks competitive offers for the supply, installation, support and maintenance of Risk Stratification Algorithms within a Tool. The period covered will be 2 years (with an option to extend for a further 1 years) on a call off contract. The total cost should not exceed 410k for 24 months with prices paid for usage per head of population. Currently our risk stratification covers a population of just over 1million with the potential to increase to 3.9 million population.Briefly the two main use cases are:Patient level risk stratification - The outputs will be used by clinicians for supporting direct patient care. Each patient's overall morbidity and risk of particular outcomes is produced. Population level risk profiling - The outputs will be used by non-clinical staff for population health purposes. Disease prevalence and morbidity distribution across the wider population is produced which can be used to inform planning, benchmarking and service redesign activities. The Risk Stratification algorithms will be applied within an AGEM tool for the purpose of identification of impactable individual patients and cohorts of patients for clinical intervention and the provision of segmented data for the generation of analytical insight.


Mark Didcock
Cardinal Square

Contract value: 601500

Published: 6 May 2021, Receipt by: 16 Nov 2020