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NextGen Nursing - General Schools Commission

NextGen Nurse will continue to engage young people who have not considered or decided on a career in nursing, alongside those wanting to find out more. We want to continue to run insight days (virtual for the foreseeable, but able to change to face-to-face if wanted) to give young people an introduction to nursing, as well as a work experience week to give young people a deeper dive into each of the four fields and an opportunity to develop skills. We are seeking an organisation to deliver the following services: Open young people's access to NHS careers through virtual eye-opening work experience. Ensure every young person deserves the best inspiration and experience to help fuel their ambition. Prioritise those with the highest needs to level the playing field of career choice and opportunity Support the belief that when young people are given a more level playing field it is better for society, economy and communities. Link employers with young people through a nationwide network of schools and colleges across every region in the England reaching young people from diverse backgrounds. Help deliver quality experiences that craft career ambitions with an unrelenting focus on equal access to opportunities at the top. Use verified youth data to help tailor and target the programme to make the biggest impact at a critical time for young people. Have an advanced safeguarded virtual platform to increase geographical accessibility and maintain the quality immersion of a physical experience delivered via a secure online platform like Google Classrooms


Liz Salter
Quarry Hill

Contract value: 90000-90000

Published: 29 Jun 2021, Receipt by: 7 Jul 2021