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Rosemead Park tree works

Littlehampton Town Council are looking to replace a group of Leylandii trees located adjacent to the Fitzalan link road, that are nearing the end of their lifespan. We are looking for a suitably qualified contractor to remove the trees and replace with well-established English native trees and hedgerow that offers a habitat for local wildlife and is in keeping with the trees already established within the park. Any proposal will also need to consider screening from the road behind and the best solutions in terms of aesthetics and practicality with ongoing maintenance. Littlehampton Town Council will be guided by designated contractor on the best time of year to undertake works. All trees have Tree protection orders on them and as such we are looking for a contractor to undertake all required licencing and consultation. Specification 1.Process all TPO notices with planning authority, Arun District Council. (It is known TPOs are attributed to all trees at Rosemead Park). 2.To remove the existing Leylandii trees inclusive of stumps and self-seeded trees behind Leylandii all shown on Appendix 3 listed as tree ID T5 and T6. 3.Prepare ground for planting using the same line of existing trees. 4.Plant established hedgerow preferably double hedgerow if budget allows. List within the tender submission reasoning for hedge row selection and how established the hedge will be. 5.Intersperse hedgerow with native established English trees. List within the tender submission reasoning for tree selection and how established trees will be. 6.Manage all health and safety in connection with works. 7.Trees are located in a public park and as such may need supports or additional protection as they establish. This is to be included in any tender. 8.We have no information on soil properties and bid must allow for any required soil preparation for designated scheme. 9.Supplementary to this contract is the ambition of Littlehampton Town Council to reuse some of the tree stumps of the Leylandii and shape into statues to display with the park. Please use appendix 5 (additional work) if this is a service that can be offered. All submissions are to be sent by post. All tender submissions should be sent in a plain sealed envelope which should bear the word "Tender" followed by the subject to which it relates, but shall not bear any name or mark indicating the sender. Submissions must be received not later than 16:00 on 30/07/21. The envelopes will remain the custody of the Town Clerk until the appointed time of opening on Monday 2nd August 2021.


Michael Grier
Manor House,Church Street

Contract value: 15000-25000

Published: 29 Jun 2021, Receipt by: 30 Jul 2021