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New Derby Theatre Website

To develop a new website design with three key elements - visual, responsive, cross-functional. A refreshed visual design that is vibrant, friendlier, warmer, accessible and more welcoming. A responsive design that adapts effectively to the user's browser or device, whether mobile, desktop or tablet. A 'live' and cross functional design with fluid navigation between sections across the site and on-page navigation. Drive sales and donations, deepen loyalty online to re-establish the organisation's growth and development. To creat a seamless user experience and customer journey from arriving on site, viewing content, loggin in and booking a ticket to after care, reducing the number of clicks and pages needed to accomplish desired actions. To integrate the unique Learning Theatre brand more effectively within site and increase the visibility and representation of each of our main strands of work beyond event sales. (University, work with young people, artist development, community co-creation projects and the Theatre cafe) To have an adaptable, flexible and customisable CMS that is user friendly. To innovate, maximise reach and future proof our organisation, particularly through new or enhanced digital functionality and optimisation, including being able to host paid for online events (live streamed and on-demand).


Ianto Jones
Kedleston Road
01332 592004

Contract value: 32000

Published: 19 Apr 2021, Receipt by: 31 Mar 2021