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Feasibility Study of New Cultural Programme & Activity Hub Scarborough Fayre

Scarborough Borough Council would like to commission research, analysis and reporting to establish the feasibility of creating a programme of work; titled Scarborough Fayre, the aims of which are:- 1. Define Scarborough Fayre through the crystallising the vision and determining its elements. 2. Audit and analysis of the existing cultural assets and current events and festivals (both within and outside of venues) offer in the Borough, suggesting cultural activity which would be unique, community engaged and popular with a wide audience 3. Analysis of the potential market to extend and develop the current offer to maximise its contribution to the wider regeneration of the wider Borough. 4. Identify additional cultural activity which would be unique, community engaged and popular with a wide audience. 5. Scarborough Borough audiences and their interests, socio-economic grouping and diversity 6. Consultation with key stakeholders, clarifying wants, needs and ambition 7. Scenario planning for 3 possible models; each demonstrating: - varying degrees of commerciality - Suggested governance and organisational model - Assessment of financial viability - Suggested budget, benchmarked against similar work and fundraising suggestions made - making use of grants, trusts, foundations, sponsorship, donations, philanthropic giving and ticket sales/services - Suggested timescale - Description of possible risks and mitigation options - Proposals on how we enthuse and mobilise existing partners, core relationships which could be developed. - Possible directions and suggestions for future development. - Options for the 'hub' location - Suggestions for complimentary activity in the led up to the launch of Scarborough Fayre

Scarborough Borough Council
St Nicholas Street
YO11 2HG

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Published: 12 Apr 2021, Receipt by: 11 Mar 2021