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Provision of Visual Transcription Services (VTS)

Some of the evidence the CPS receives is in the form of visually recorded evidence which may consist of interviews with witnesses who are vulnerable by reason of age or disability or who are intimidated by reason of fear or distress in connection with testifying in the proceedings. In cases where such evidence can be used during the course of the trial, a transcript of the contents of the visually recorded evidence is helpful during the preparatory stages and will assist the parties, the judge and possibly the jury during the trial itself. The CPS requires a service provider to provide a transcription service from visually recorded media which could be on VHS Video or DVD+/-R delivered to the Service Provider by the CPS.

Ref: PR/35/2012,


Crown Prosecution Service
Rose Court,2 Southwark Bridge Road
Procurement and Commercial Services

Contract value: 5000000.00 - 10000000.00GBP

Published: 3 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 8 Jan 2013