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International Support for Onshore wind

DECC wishes to commission a review of the international evidence on Government initiatives to support investment in and deployment of onshore wind electricity generation. This work will be split into two distinct parts; Part one will identify the types and absolute levels of Government support to promote the deployment of onshore wind electricity generation. Part two will be undertaken only if part one concludes that UK support levels are significantly different to support levels in other countries. Part two will focus on explaining the differences behind support levels and the effectiveness of support schemes in the UK and other countries. This will ensure we have a complete understanding of what the existing evidence base tells us about the types of Government support that are on offer to promote the deployment of onshore wind electricity generation. Several detailed questions and challenges are outlined in the ITT attached. The following outputs are required from this work: Agreed plan of work; Regular progress updates by phone/email (once a week), including progress against milestones and issues arising (format and content to be agreed at the project inception meeting); Research tools, including the inclusion criteria and pro-forma to be used for identifying and reviewing evidence; Excel Spreadsheet at the conclusion of part one, detailing types (e.g. subsidies, tax breaks etc...) and absolute level of support available to onshore wind on a comparable basis to UK support (accounting for exchange rates, price basis, year in which support is offered, capacity of wind farm etc...). Draft report for part one (in word, 10-15 pages long, excluding annexes) including key findings, gaps in the evidence base, and if appropriate , recommendations for part two and recommendations for further research. Presentation of the draft report for part one to the first steering group meeting, including recommendations for undertaking part two and if applicable, 5 or more suggested country case studies. (8-10 slides in power-point format) Agreed final report (in word, 25-30 pages long, excluding annexes) covering part one and part two if applicable; this should follow the format set out in DECC social research report writing guidelines (Annex C); Electronic bibliography – a compendium of pro-formas for all evidence reviewed (e.g. as excel or access dataset) for part 1 only, or parts 1 and 2.

Ref: 532/11/2012,


Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC)
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Samantha Evens
0300 068 6294
United Kingdom

Contract value: 10000.00 - 100000.00GBP

Published: 3 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 7 Jan 2013