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DFID 5723 GEMS 4: Support to the Wholesale and Retail Industry in Nigeria

The goal of GEMS is increased growth, incomes and jobs in selected states and nationally, especially for poor people. Goal level indicators for this component include the creation of 10,000 jobs and increases in income for 500,000 people. The purpose is to improve the performance and inclusiveness of key market systems that are important for poor people. The overall objective of this assignment is to design and implement a market development programme within the wholesale and retail sector in Nigeria that will create jobs and raise incomes, especially for poor people. The programme (both overall and within each component) will deliver two outputs: i. Underlying constraints within key market systems are addressed successfully, particularly those relevant for poor people, especially poor women; ii. Key stakeholders pursue effective and systemic approaches to economic development.

Ref: PO 5723,


Contract value: 0.01GBP

Published: 30 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 30 Nov 2017