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Kislingbury Land Raising Project

It is planned to raise an area of land within Kislingbury, Northamptonshire to make it less vulnerable to flooding following the recently completed Upton Flood Attenuation Area (UFAA) works nearby. This will be done through the use of soil stockpiles still remaining from the aforementioned project. The land is bounded by Camp Lane to the south, Beech Lane to the west, and Kislingbury Playing Fields Association (KPFA) football pitch to the north and cricket pitch to the east. The land raising is to be undertaken by stripping back topsoil, placing and compacting cohesive fill material in accordance with the earthworks specification, and replacing the topsoil to the required finished level. The Homes and Communities Agency’s objectives with this contract are to have a scheme delivered at an affordable cost by working closely with the Contractor, the Project Manager and others in the supply chain as part of an integrated Project Team. The contract is to be carried out in early 2013.

Ref: HCAP13082,


Halcrow on behalf of the HCA
Endeavour House,Forder Way,Cygnet Park
Jehangir Nawaz
01733 560033
01733 427988

Contract value: 20000.00 - 30000.00GBP

Published: 30 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 14 Dec 2012