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Project Support for Land Equipment (LE) Transformation

The LE Support Strategy (LE SS) is an integral component of the CoM(L) led Land Support Change Programme (LSCP) for which CoM(L) is the Senior Responsible Officer (SRO). The LSCP aims to rationalise the provision of support to Land Equipment, including equipment on operations and equipment used for training for operations. The LSCP covers initiatives within Army HQ, JSC, and DSG; the LE SS is just one programme within the LSCP portfolio for change. The LE SS intent is to drive down the cost of delivering available equipments as well as assisting other elements of the LSCP to deliver change that collectively drives more effective E2E support to our equipments. It will do this through consolidation and rationalisation of the commercial business managed through LE. It will organise business around a portfolio management approach, generating programmes that focus resource (including our scarce skill base) and that enable consolidation of commercial activity. The Requirement for external Project Support falls into the following main activities: 1. LE Support Strategy – SSS development and enabling functions to support these arrangements 2. LE Revised Organisation Design that supports a portfolio approach to equipment support 3. New Commercial Arrangement with DSG

Ref: LECOM/009,


Contract value: 2900000.00GBP

Published: 30 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 30 Jul 2013