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For the Provision of Training of UKTI Midsized Business International Trade Advisors

UK Trade and Investment (UKT I) are appointing specialist Mid Sized Businesses (MSB) International Trade Advisers (ITAs) in all the English Regions to work with MSBs to maximise their potential in export markets. One facet of the MSB ITAs work with the companies will be to establish what is the best route to market for individual MSBs. For some the preferred route will remain Direct Export of products or services but the size and complexity of the businesses concerned mean that many more will be looking at different routes to market like Joint Ventures, Partnering, Manufacturing under Licence (MUL), Merger/Acquisition, Outward Investment, Off shoring etc. The MSB ITAs will need to be proficient in their understanding of the different routes to market and how to evaluate the options for individual MSBs. UKTI’s objective is to up skill and equip MSB ITAs with the relevant training and support tools to improve their understanding of the alternative routes to international markets and develop their competence to deliver a more strategic impact and value to MSB clients. To support this UKTI work we intend to provide a 3 part package to assist them. The budget for this requirement is 100-130K over the 3 years duration. The package consists of: 1. Training in understanding and evaluating the various different routes to market available. 2. Providing a series of information packs, guides and business templates (e.g. draft Joint Venture agreements) to support MSB ITAs in their work. 3. Developing a directory of sources of information and private sector providers that MSB ITAs can draw on/refer to which will be hosted on UKTI’s extranet Connect.

Ref: PS120049UKTI,


North Star House,North Star Avenue
Rebecca Pearson

Contract value: 100000.00 - 130000.00GBP

Published: 28 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 5 Dec 2012