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GB-Aldershot: Ten Tors 2013 - Trackers (Telemetry Services)

The Ten Tors Event takes place over a weekend in May 2013 on Dartmoor training area, Okehampton Camp. The requirement from the successful contractor includes the following: 7. Provide a data logging and tracking system, one per team, and MIS to support Ten Tors training and the 2013 Event itself, in order to support 43 Bde in providing a resilience training exercise, and a safe and challenging expedition for young people. 8. Specified Tasks. There are numerous specified tasks that outline the system requirements and are detailed below; a. Provide a tracking system, data loggers and host server, that will display the teams route on the internet, at intervals of no more than 10 minutes and incorporate an emergency call button, or using existing MOD’s Tracker TR203, provide compatible network Sim cards and an internet display system and make available 400 Trackers for MOD to dispatch to teams by 1 Jan 13 for use until 9 May 13. b. Support the drafting of the tracking system operating instructions for publication in the Team Managers Guidance Booklet, by MOD, via the Ten Tors webmaster by 1 Jan 13. c. Provide the MIS using data provided by MOD. Using existing MOD MIS requires amendment to 8 routes and times, and most night stop times and crash out times. d. Register teams and participants on line using a secure site. Confirm the detail and amend as necessary with Team Managers at Registration during Fri 10 May 13. Issue a report of participants’ pre-existing medical conditions and medications carried to the 43 Bde Senior Medical Officer. e. Ensure connectivity and passage of information to the public information displays and Ten Tors website. f. Instruct the Operations Room staff and Public Information staff on use of the MIS. g. Collect the tracking system from team managers and service it on Thu 9 and Fri 10 May 13. h. Provide a system to record the time each team arrives at the 19 check points and record the start and finish time of each team. System to be verified by 1800 Thu 9 May 13, or as soon as the check points are deployed. i. Display a visual alert in the Operations Room should teams fall behind a specific timeframe. The MOD will provide the slowest time that allows successful completion of the Challenge. j. From information provided by the check points, record the coded identity of all individual team members that fall out or are casualties and teams that fall out or have been crashed out with their final check point. From 0700 11 May 13 until the end of the Challenge display this information in the Operations Room and at Okehampton Camp Public Information portal and pass it electronically to the Ten Tors webmaster. k. Provide the real time current location of all teams. l. Provide a report on the 35 mile teams camping at each check point soon after 2000 Sat 11 May 13 and the camping locations of the 45 & 55 mile teams. m. Issue the tracking and reporting systems to Team Leaders between 0530 and 0630 Sat 11 May 13 from Bldg 83E, Oakhampton Camp, and recover them in the Presentation area between 0900 and 1800 Sun 12 May 13 assisted by Military personnel. n. Provide statistics on the Challenge including quantity of teams started, fall outs, casualties and crash outs. o. Submit a lessons learnt report with recommendations by 28 May 13. p. Store MOD’s Trackers and MIS. q. Be prepared to provide the required information, using the MOD provided manual back up progress reports. The contract is for one year with the possibility of two further option periods of one year each. During the tendering process this Authority expects only to take forward a maximum of 6 contractors to the Invitation to tender (ITT) stage, therefore we may require potential contractors to undertake a pre Qualification Questionnaire (PQQ) should the Authority receive high interest in the requirement.

Ref: HGLF4b/07,


DE&S Commercial, DE&S
Army HQ Commercial Proc 4b,Proc 4 Aldershot, DE&S,,Steele's Road
GU11 2DP
Mr Mark Horner
01252 340403

Contract value: 10000.00 - 113000.00GBP

Published: 28 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 13 Dec 2012