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Repair and maintenance services of ships. 1. The Authority has a potential requirement for a Through Life Support (TLS) Solution for HMS SCOTT, which is base-ported in the United Kingdom (UK). The contract will commence in April 2013 for a period of approximately 5 years until 2018, with an option to extend for a further 5 year period until 2023, to align with the vessel's Out-of-Service Date (OSD). For operational reasons, expressions of interest will only be considered from economic operators based in member states of the European Union (EU). 2. HMS SCOTT is the Royal Navy’s Ocean Survey Vessel, capable of conducting survey operations worldwide. The Ship’s basic details are as follows: — Lloyds Class Notation is: +100A1, NS1, SURVEY SHIP, SA1, Ice Class 1A, ES, LI, PCWBT (9/02), 69TON +LMC, UMC, PMS(CM), — Length = 131.5m, Beam = 21.5m, Operating Draught = 9m & Displacement = 13,500 Tonnes. 3. The main TLS activities required to be undertaken by the Contractor will be as follows: a. Fleet Time Engineering Support: i. Rectification of Operational Defects (OPDEF) on a worldwide basis, where required utilising Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) attendance for initial diagnostic investigations and rectification. The provision of an emergency out-of-hours service will be required; ii. Planning and execution of 2 in number Support Periods per year, each of 3 weeks duration, which will include defect rectification, extra and emergent work and preservation repairs as required. Support Periods may be required to be undertaken on a worldwide basis; iii. Conduct of maintenance in support of Lloyds Register Annual, Intermediate and Continuous Survey Machinery (CSM) surveys iv. Annual SOLAS / United Kingdom Maritime & Coastguard Agency (MCA) requirements b. Planning and execution of a Deep Refit Maintenance work package, commencing September 2013, and completing no later than May 2014, which will include, but not be limited to, the following activities: i. Dry docking of the vessel; ii. Conduct of maintenance in support of Lloyd's Register Surveys, including Docking Survey, Control Pitch Propeller Tail Shaft Survey, Annual Survey, CSM and Special Survey Hull for Class Renewal Certificate; iii. Re-preservation of hull, decks, superstructure, compartments and tanks; iv. Overhaul and Set To Work (STW) of mechanical & electrical machinery; v. Servicing and STW of radio and navigation equipment; vi. Support to Ocean Survey System overhaul and updates; vii. Installation of capability enhancements; viii. Overhaul and STW of domestic machinery; ix. Life boat and life boat davit maintenance in accordance with MCA regulations; x. Servicing of fire detection systems; xi. Annual and 5 annual SOLAS / MCA requirements; xii. Extra and Emergent Work as required. c. Equipment Spares Management: i. Provision of a spares supply service that provides procurement, packaging and consignment or stowage to agreed timescales of Type C (non-NATO codified) spares in support of commercial type marine and electrical engineering equipment and systems fitted to HMS SCOTT; ii. Arrange dispatch of spares from the supplier to HMS SCOTT usually, but not exclusively, using the Authority’s stores transportation systems iii. Create and manage return and repair loops for defective items capable of refurbishment; iv. Manage spares in storage awaiting dispatch to HMS SCOTT; v. Manage disposals of obsolete and non-repairable equipment at best value to the Authority; vi. Manage material and equipment obsolescence in conjunction with the Authority; vii. Undertake basic level NATO codification as directed by the Authority; viii. Arrangement of bespoke OEM training. d. Design services, involving the development of Future Capability Enhancements Guidance Information by: i. Carrying out feasibility studies; ii. Producing Safety Case Reports; iii Producing installation drawings. e. Post Design Services, including: i. Management of HMS SCOTT's Datum Pack Drawings, including updates and review of holdings with the Authority; ii. Documentation management, including review and updating of handbooks; iii. Early provision of data post refit to maintain HMS SCOTT’s Configuration Account. f. Unit Maintenance Management System (UMMS) management, including: i. Integration of the Authority’s UMMS to identify maintenance due during maintenance periods; ii Administration support, incorporating a Help Desk; iii. Resolving maintenance management issues / anomalies; iv. Maintain accuracy and validation of UMMS; v. Import Reliability Centred Maintenance (RCM) monthly templates, trigger and schedule accordingly. g. Provision of a Shared Working Environment (SWE), providing access to key documentation including: i. Datum Pack; ii. Management information; iii. Guidance information; iv. HMS SCOTT’s handbooks. h. Planning and execution of a Deep Refit Maintenance Period in 2018. Planning will include the following activities: i. Supporting Pre-Upkeep Material Assessments; ii. Development of the Refit Specification. 4. The contractor may be required to undertake other support activities as required. 5. The contractor will be required to have access to and operate the following MOD IT Applications: i. UMMS; ii. Operational Defect Management System; iii. Surface Ship Definition Database / Surface Ship Equipment Data Record; iv. Hazard & Risk Management System (HARMS). 6. It is the Authority's policy that contracts are only placed with companies operating and maintaining a Quality Management System (QMS) which is acceptable to the Authority to demonstrate how the company is going to meet the requirement. Companies will be required to provide details of the Quality Management Systems operated by them relating to both Technical Engineering Management and Project Management business, both internally and externally through the supply chain. Companies will be required to provide evidence of a valid ISO 9001:2008 certificate, or equivalent, from an accredited third party assessor (UKAS recognised) for themselves and, if appropriate, for their sub-suppliers, or achieve accreditation in time for Contract Award. This certification/s must include an appropriate scope to meet the requirement. 7. It will be necessary for contractor personnel working in an area(s) of the vessel to be security cleared to UK Security Check (SC) level. In addition, non-UK Nationals working in this area(s) will need to be escorted and supervised by SC cleared UK Nationals. Ships staff may be available to perform this duty, but are not guaranteed to be available on a continuous basis. 8. Due to the worldwide deployment of the vessel, the contract will be subject to CONDO (Contractors On Deployed Operations) requirements. 9. Companies must be Lloyds registered.

Ref: CSS/0007,


Contract value: 45000000.00 - 55000000.00GBP

Published: 23 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 22 Jun 2018