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Procurement of Autoclave Facility

The Nuclear Department, based at HMS Sultan, Gosport, Hampshire has a requirement for an autoclave facility. The purpose of the autoclave facility will be to enable chemistry and materials studies to be conducted at high temperature and high pressure. The autoclave facility will be used to conduct research into the corrosion behaviour of present and future alloys and the effect of poor chemistry control on plant integrity. Technical Specification 1. One High pressure, High temperature vessel: Total internal volume not less than 1 litres (Ø100mm bore x 140mm) Maximum working pressure not less than 150 barg Design pressure 165 barg or to suit Maximum working temperature not less than 300°C Design Temperature 400°C Vessel Construction Machined from solid bar Closure type Flanged and bolted 2. Materials: Vessel and cover/all external fittings & SA 479-316 Stainless steel. (inclusive of valves). 3. Internal: a. ؼ” Thermowell - Located close to the vessel wall, fitted with 1mm diameter type K thermocouple. b. ؼ” Sampling dip tube. c. Sample Holder 4. External: Port 1 - ¼” H2 and teed N2 Gas inlet valve connected to vessel cover via ¼”BSPP male connector. Port 2 - ¼” Gas outlet valve connected to vessel cover via ¼”BSPP male connector. Port 3 - ؼ” Thermowell tube connected to vessel cover and close to internal wall via ¼”NPT male connector. Port 4 - ؼ” charging port for atmospheric injection of hydrazine connected to vessel cover via ¼” NPT male connector. Port 5 - ؼ” buffalo connax or spectite fitting for electrical feedthroughs connected to vessel cover via ¼” NPT male connector. Port 6 & 7 - ؼ” spare port connected to vessel cover via ¼” NPT male connector. Port 8 - ¼”NPT Manifold. 5. Safety related requirement: a. Pressure relief valve. b. Bursting disc body. c. Dual Scale Pressure Gauge. d. Pressure transducer connected to vessel and linked to process meter. e. Corrosion allowance. 6. Control box including: a. Programmable temperature control and digital indication. b. Solenoid valve for auto-vent option. c. Digital Process meter for Pressure Transducer. 7. Training A training package of one or two days of in-house support is required on receipt of delivery of the autoclave. 8. Maintenance Support A support maintenance contract is required over a five year period. This should include break down cover and annual service. 9. Delivery Timescales Delivery of the autoclave facility is required within 3 months of the order being placed. Companies that wish to express an interest in this requirement are required to provide their full company name, postal address, contact name, telephone number and email address to Companies must also confirm that they hold, or are working toward third party accreditation to ISO9001 and provide a copy of the same, which must also include the scope of accreditation and must also include coverage of the capability which is the subject of this advert.

Ref: CTLBC/2048,


Contract value: 10000.00 - 113000.00GBP

Published: 22 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 22 Nov 2017