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THIS IS A CLOSED OPPORTUNITY AND IS BEING PROCURED VIA A GOVERNMENT FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT THIS NOTICE IS BEING PUBLISHED FOR TRANSPARENCY PURPOSES. The Nursery Milk Scheme reimburses childcare providers for a daily drink of milk (a third of a pint) supplied to all eligible children under five in their care who attend a childcare setting for more than two hours a day. The Nursery Milk Scheme has been running largely unchanged, since the 1940s. The Scheme currently funds free milk for around 1.5 million children under five years old - in 55,000 childcare settings throughout Great Britain. The Prime Minister has made a public, national commitment that the scheme will continue, and the Secretary of State has statutory obligations to provide Nursery Milk. The Department of Health (DH) launched a GB wide consultation and survey to explore different options for reforming the operation of the scheme. The consultation looks at where we can make the scheme more efficient, as well as improving its value for money. The consultation was launched on the 18th of June and closed on the 23rd of October. The survey was launched on the 18th of June and closed on the 30th of September. The outputs required of the Tenderer: • provide update reports with indicators regarding the results of the consultation and survey • summarise the responses • consider all issues in the response in order to inform conclusions • provide conclusions regarding the analysis of the responses • communicate the analysis of the responses • structure a reference database which facilitates access to groups of similar responses. Please refer to the ITT for further information.

Ref: DH_58715,


Department of Health
Quarry House
Procurement Centre of Expertise
West Yorkshire

Contract value: 1.00 - 50000.00GBP

Published: 16 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 29 Nov 2012