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Provision of Gateway Project Director (GPD) Support to the Health Gateway Hub

THIS IS A CLOSED OPPORTUNITY AND IS ONLY BEING PUBLISHED FOR TRANSPARENCY PURPOSE (1.1) Background - Since being established in 2003 the Health Gateway Team has completed over 700 reviews with over 100 being undertaken in 2011/12. This level of demand is expected to continue with GPDs playing a pivotal role in the management of the overall review pipeline. It has been decided to continue to draw this support from ERF. Eight contractors – 4 lead and 4 transition GPDs - will be appointed for up to a maximum of 60 days each. The expectation is that each contractor will be offered a minimum of 12 days work in the period from 10 September to 31 December 2012. However, in light of the current financial pressures no guarantee can be given. (1.2) Services The duties of the GPDs appointed will include but are not limited to: Networking strategically with SHA cluster leads including local programme and project co-ordinators in bringing forward reviews. It is a key part of the role that GPDs increase the Health Gateway Hub’s knowledge of the portfolio of programmes and projects in the NHS and DH; Be proactive in proposing and, where authorised, taking forward work on initiatives to enhance the Gateway operation in Health; Conducting assessment meetings and writing up notes; Facilitating planning meetings (in exceptional circumstances); Provision of advice; Presentations and training; Production of lessons learned; Production of VFM data; and Identification of suitable reviewers from DH and the NHS and assisting with their development. Four lead GPDs will be appointed in addition to four transition GPDs. The four transition GPDs will be for a time limited period and the expectation is that those individuals will not undertake more than 12 days activity [but subject to the introduction of the new GPS framework – page 2 (paragraph 5.2)]. Applications must specify which area (see paragraph 1.5 on page 4) the applicant wishes to be considered for and whether this is in a lead or transition role (or both). PLEASE SEE ITT FOR FURTHER INFORMATION

Ref: DH_58591,



Contract value: 1.00 - 300000.00GBP

Published: 13 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 9 Feb 2013