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Development of Commercial Product Assurance (CPA - Foundation) Security Characteristics for Smart Metering Equipment

To develop Commercial Product Assurance (CPA-Foundation) security characteristics for smart metering equipment. 3.4 Once the DCC is operational and starts to enrol the installed smart meters into its operation, the DCC will require certainty that the smart meters it communicates with can meet predefined security levels. As the DCC will not be procuring the smart meters, it will need to rely on external assurance and certification that the smart metering equipment meets the required level of security. 3.5 DECC and CESG would like to achieve the assurance required through CESG’s CPA - Foundation Grade scheme. The CPA development will define the security characteristics against which smart metering equipment will be tested. The testing will be undertaken by independent test laboratories. Appropriate SMETS equipment operated via DCC will need to have been certified under this scheme and would then be eligible for enrolment into DCC, subject to passing other non-security tests, such as interoperability. 3.6 A work package is required from an accredited CESG Test Laboratory, to develop the CPA – Foundation Grade Security Characteristics for smart metering equipment. We expect the supplier to form a Working Group of industry specialists and work closely with DECC and CESG to develop the security characteristics to be tested under the CPA scheme. When the security characteristics have been approved by DECC and CESG, they will be published to enable equipment manufacturers to have their equipment tested against the characteristics.

Ref: 514/11/2012,


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Published: 12 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 23 Nov 2012