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Independent Safety and Environmental Adviser (ISEA) Support to the CTG Platforms and Systems Teams

Safety consultancy services. The chosen contractor is to provide Independent Safety & Environmental Advisor (ISEA) support to CTG Platforms and Systems Teams. The provision of ISEA support includes: a. Attendance at Platform Team Safety and Environmental (S&E) Management Panels (SEMPs), each of which are held 3 times annually. b. Attendance at the System Team SEMPs for Remote Weapons System (RWS), 30mm RARDEN cannon, 120mm L30 cannon and IERA (Insensitive Explosive Reactive Armour). Four SEMPs are currently held (on different days). OME (Ordnance, Munitions and Explosives) expertise is required. c.Attendance at the PT & ST Safety Environmental Management Committee (SEMC), held 3 times annually. Provision of ISEA summary report at SEMC. Pre each SEMC the ISEA is required to brief PT TL at a bilateral meeting in order to highlight cross platform and system issues, and to include submission of a written report. d. The review of Safety & Environmental Case Reports annually for each platform and the following 4 systems; RWS, 30mm RARDEN, 120mm L30 and IERA. e. The review of Project Oriented Environmental Management (POEM) documents, for which environmental expertise is required. f. The review of the PT & ST S&E Management System (one document, known as the SEMS). g. The review of SEM Plans. h. 3rd party assurance that PT & ST are complying with current MOD policy and the PT & ST SEMS. i. Positively contributing to maintaining and improving the S&E management of CTG PT & ST. k. An additional 10 days per annum will be required to allow for ad hoc advice/support to the PT & ST in order to cover extraordinary SEMPs, hazard log reviews and safety investigations, resulting from significant accidents and incidents.

Ref: CBTPLAT/00009,


Contract value: 113000.00 - 348000.00GBP

Published: 7 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 31 Mar 2015