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THIS IS A CLOSED OPPORTUNITY, AND WAS PROCURED USING A FRAMEWORK AGREEMENT, THIS NOTICE IS BEING PUBLISHED ONLY FOR TRANSPARENCY PURPOSES. Currently personal health budgets are being piloted on a relatively small scale in sites across the country. This piloting is resulting in very useful learning about how to go about introducing personal health budgets. That said, some critical issues are not being fully addressed by the pilots. This includes some that will arise when personal health budgets are expanded, and need to be underpinned by more substantial system redesign. Work in these critical areas will be carried out through a range of local and national development projects, to learn as much as we can about what needs to happen to introduce personal health budgets successfully, and, where appropriate, develop evidence and learning for some of the resources that will support change. These development projects will be written up or made directly available, so that future commissioners of personal health budgets have the knowledge required and support available to help ensure successful rollout from October 2012. One of the most critical areas for this change is the need for people to be able to access good information to help them make good choices, be in control and remain healthier. The importance of this area was reemphasised in the findings of the 4th interim evaluation report, published in October 2011, which relayed the early experiences of personal health budget recipients and found that: ‘Information about how personal health budgets could be used was crucially important for prospective budget holders. People intending to use their budget for a specific unmet need were sometimes unaware that other uses were possible; others needed considerable encouragement to think how the budget might best be used.’ Personal Health Budgets build on the development of personal budgets in social care, and also draw on initiatives in the NHS such as long term conditions personal care planning, expert patient programmes and shared decision making. There is already a variety of literature developed for those implementing personal health budgets to draw on, much of which is available through the personal health budgets learning network ( Work is already underway as part of the work programme on issues that will impact on this area such as: A programme working with 5 sites to produce products that clearly describe the care planning process, the critical factors that contribute to its successful implementation and how to mesh this process with other relevant processes and initiatives. The development of information, a discussion forum and blogs on NHS choices, supported by our peer network of people who have direct experience of using services and their families Ongoing development of communication products (such as written and video stories) and key messages for different groups to help explain personal health budgets and their implications. Work just starting to take forward a programme to support workforce development Work being commissioned in parallel to this project to help inform NHS commissioners about what needs to be commissioned in terms of good advocacy brokerage and support planning support. In addition to this we have identified the need for a specific project to maximise the chances of the provision of information to become sufficiently developed within the NHS to give everyone the chance to make the most of a personal health budget. We wish to engage competent and capable person, or people to develop a more detailed strategy and programme plan, and begin to deliver on it, all with key partners. We envisage this will involve work for up to 120 days with all expenses included in the price quoted. The contract will be to end of March 2013.

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Contract value: 1.00 - 45000.00GBP

Published: 7 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 7 Jan 2013