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ITT for Press Cuttings Service

THIS IS CLOSED OPPORTUNITY AND IS BEING PUBLISHED FOR TRANSPARENCY PURPOSES ONLY. A key priority for Ministers and the Department is to promote the modernisation plans to the public and people working in health and social care. There is intensive media interest in the modernisation plans with much of the print coverage critical in tone. To effectively correct, rebut and formulate media handling around modernisation, we must be fully aware of media coverage across national and regional press. This will allow press officers to come up with proposals to persuade the public, media and stakeholders of the case for the modernisation reforms. The DH press office provides a 24/7 news monitoring service to Ministers and senior officials and uses an external cutting service provider to deliver a daily pack of national and regional cuttings related to departmental business. The delivery needs to be timely, delivered a high standard of quality and quantity based on explicit search terms set out by the Department. It must also be delivered to a format appropriate to use across the Department with particular focus on how it is delivered to private office and press office. Specifically, the provider must:- • deliver a daily hard pack of national cuttings of articles approx. 100 per day which can be distributed to a set list of circa 40 recipients. This list comprises press office, private office and key directors. • provide copies of all articles published on all national and selected regional media which is relevant to the Department of Health agencies, the National Heath Service and other related health issues and community care/Local Authority social services. • provide number of copies and also arrange fees to be paid to the Newspaper Licensing Authority for the number of copies made. • provide an electronic delivery of regional cuttings from 30 key local publications. These will then be distributed by press office to recipients. • all press cutting will include a daily summary sheet, indexed against the cuttings. • cuttings will be categorised into subject area e.g. Public Health, NHS, Social Care

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Contract value: 1.00 - 60000.00GBP

Published: 5 Nov 2012, Receipt by: 31 Dec 2012