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Review of System Planning and Delivery in Electricity Transmission and Other Sectors

Ofgem requires specialist advisory services to undertake a review of theory and practice for System Planning and Delivery in electricity transmission and other sectors with case-study examples provided from international experience. In order to understand the full range of options available to address some of the issues identified we are seeking a Contractor to undertake a review of possible approaches to system planning and delivery. This review should include:

-An outline and assessment of system planning principles – centralised and decentralised, with case study examples drawing on international and other sectors’ experience;

-An outline and assessment of system delivery approaches – regulated, market-led, and competitive delivery drawing on case study examples from international and other sectors’ experience;

-Assessment of where these different approaches are most appropriate i.e. what network or market characteristics render one model more appropriate than another;

-Assessment of how applicable or beneficial these models could be for GB; and

-Evidence and practice from other sectors where meaningful comparisons can be drawn with GB electricity transmission.

-The contractor’s recommendations on the most appropriate solutions/approaches for further consideration in the context of system planning and delivery across GB.

Case studies should outline institutional set up (who are the main players), how the arrangements are put in place (what obligations/incentives do these bodies have), and outline the overall market arrangements to provide context.

(MT Ref:94308)


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Gareth Morris
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Published: 31 Oct 2012, Receipt by: 2 Nov 2012