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Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Qualification

Delivery of a 3 day Edexcel BTEC level 3 award in Security Management Systems for the Supply Chain. Invitation to tender for Authorised Economic Operator (AEO) Qualification (Ref: NBS/2012/07/GAJ) The instructions for submitting your proposal are set out in the Invitation to Tender letter (ITT). You must complete the relevant schedules and reply to the questionnaires as instructed in the Appendices to the ITT. Failure to comply with these requirements for completion and submission will result in the rejection of your proposal. You should acquaint yourself fully with the requirement and contractual obligations described in the Appendices to the letter before submitting your proposal. ITT Documentation The ITT consists of the following Appendices: • Appendix A – Evaluation criteria and methodology • Appendix B – General HMRC Requirements o Appendix B1 – General Questionnaire • Appendix C – Specification of Requirements o Appendix C1 – Technical Questionnaire Appendix D – Commercial Questionnaire and Guidance o Appendix D1 – Cost Schedules o Appendix D2 – Acceptance of Terms and Conditions o Appendix D3 – Sub-contractors details o Appendix D4 – HMRC T&S rates • Appendix E – Terms and Conditions of Contract Submission of Bids Bids may be submitted electronically (in a Microsoft Office 2003 compatible format) by e-mail to the following address however I must point out that it is not possible to guarantee the security of the transmission via this medium so if you have any concerns or reservations about using this medium I recommend that you post your submission for the attention of Geraldine Johnson at the address below. The full address for return of the completed bid is: - Geraldine Johnson HM Revenue & Customs Lawress Hall Riseholme Park Riseholme Lincoln LN2 2BJ Please note, if submitting a bid by e-mail this must be followed up by a telephone call to Geraldine Johnson on 01522 561834 for confirmation of receipt. Your paper bid must be received at the address above, marked for the attention of Geraldine Johnson. The deadline for submission of proposals is 9am on 28th November 2012. Failure to meet the above Quotation submission or presentation dates will disqualify the Contractor’s Quotation.

Ref: NBS/2012/07/GAJ,


Contract value: 30000.00 - 40000.00GBP

Published: 31 Oct 2012, Receipt by: 31 Oct 2016