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Tender for the Provision of Advocacy Services

The purpose of advocacy services is to give a voice to those that need support in being heard. This support can come in a variety of formats including informal advocacy, group advocacy, self advocacy, professional advocacy and non-instructed advocacy. Some tasks undertaken by advocates include; attending meetings, writing letters, research, signposting and speaking on behalf of an individual. In addition to achieving positive outcomes for service users of all ages within the community of Southend, this contract will look to advocates to develop positive, empowering relationships with individuals who may previously have had bad experiences of services and service providers. Empowerment is a cornerstone on which this contract is to be built around. The Advocacy service provisioned by the Council must not be about creating dependency, but rather the empowering of individuals. A key goal of the contract is to supply individuals with the confidence and belief to undertake aspects of their own advocacy. Although it is acknowledged this will not be achievable in all cases, where possible, individuals must be provided the tools and knowledge to assist them to self advocate. Consequently, this will decrease their reliance on advocacy support and an increase in their sense of independence. This Procurement seeks to put in place a contract to meet the majority of Advocacy needs offered on behalf of the Council Directorates of ; • Adult and Community Services • Children and Learning Due to the wide range of age groups and the specialised requirements within the Borough, the contract is made up of 4 Lots. The possibility does exist that each lot will be awarded to separate organisations. However, if one Organisation is able to demonstrate that they are able to provide the Advocacy services across a number of lots; the Council will not prohibit bidding for multiple lots in relation to this contract. In addition, the Council will also welcome consortia bids should Organisations wish to work together in the provisioning of the required Advocacy services. The Lots are as follows; • Lot 1; Advocacy For Adults With Mental Health Issues (Inclusive of Mental Health, IMHA, IMCA & IMCA DOLS) Estimated Value; £100K (per annum) (Possible Addition of Advocacy for Aspergers £5k (per annum)) • Lot 2; Advocacy for Adults with Learning Disabilities (including the provision of SHIELDS (Learning Disability Self Advocacy)) Estimated Value; £50K (per annum) (Possible Addition of Advocacy for Aspergers £5k (per annum)) (The Council reserves the right to award the advocacy services for Aspergers, as part of the contract under either Lot 1 or Lot 2. The awarding of this service to a single lot winner will be dependent on that Organisation passing the PQQ stage and then proving to be best overall value for the Council at Tender Stage.) • Lot 3; PSI Advocacy for Adults Estimated Value; £5k (per annum) • Lot 4; Advocacy For Children & Young People (Including but not limited Advocacy services for Children in Care, Children with learning or physical disabilities and the provision of the Independent Visitor Service); Estimated Value; £50K (per annum) It is planned by Adult and Community Services that the Advocacy provision across Lots 1-3 will be extended to the Carers of those individuals who fall within particular Categories. However, it is forecast that this will create a minimum of work. Other proposed improvements to Advocacy include but are not limited to Online Referrals, centralisation of Advocacy requirements for Adult and Community Services, regular consistent reports across all advocacy categories. The deadline for the Expressions of Interest: Tuesday 6th of November 2012.

Ref: 171112,


Contract value: 830000.00 - 840000.00GBP

Published: 24 Oct 2012, Receipt by: 24 Oct 2016