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Supervision Training (ASYE)

A contract to provide supervision training to upskill frontline supervisors, managers and assessors of those supervising, managing and assessing newly qualified social workers (NQSWs), with a focus on those delivering the Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). Participants will also receive materials and advice on how to embed such training and support in their own organisations. The training should enhance participants’ professional judgement, analysis and assessment of NQSWs; their management and organisational skills; and contribute to their continuous professional development. This will be a specialist contract and the successful bid will demonstrate specialist knowledge of the social work sector, and the skills, experience and capacity to deliver the requirements listed below: Training Specification Requirements The supervision training programme should include the following components: • an introduction to the PCF and how it differs from previous competency-based assessment approaches; • an introduction to the capability statements at the ASYE level of the PCF; • an introduction to the fundamentals of ASYE and implications for supervisors, managers, assessors and newly qualified social workers (NQSWs); • assurance that the key elements that underpin PCF and ASYE have been addressed, with a primary focus on the delivery of the skills and techniques in providing good supervision to NQSWs. The supervision training should enable participants’ development in: - personal judgement, analysis and assessment - management and organisational skills - continuous professional development • critical reflection and reflective supervision; • how to embed such training on these components in their own organisations; and • delivery of a two day course in suitable low or no cost regional centres, taking into consideration delegate travelling distances and maximum attendance (25 delegates per training session) and time away from the office. Contractor Specification Requirements The following requirements must be met by the successful tendering organisation: • provide participating employers with one point of contact for the programme; • enable a facility to register trainees onto the training programmes; • the capacity to quickly develop suitable training materials or quickly adapt current materials; • have significant social work experience to deliver the training and develop the materials as required; • have immediate access to an adequate number of suitable trainers to deliver the supervision training; • take responsibility for the quality assurance of the training; • provide administrative support for the coordination of the training events and the booking of low or no cost regional venues spread over England; • provide up to 50 training events for up to 1000 supervisors, managers and assessors of ASYE; • ensure sufficient trainer capacity for additional participants should this be required; • collect on behalf of the Department for Education the contact details of participants and transfer them to the Department for the purpose of training evaluation; and • identify a minimum of 9 accessible urban locations spread over England in which to deliver the training sessions. • take responsibility for the administration and collection of evaluation data with respect to the content/delivery of the training sessions Contractor Specification Requirements Trainers utilised by the successful tenderer must meet the following requirements: • have significant experience as a children and families social worker; • have significant recent experience of supervising, managing or assessing children and families social workers; • have an excellent track record of relevant training delivery skills; • understand the implications for supervision and assessment of the recent changes caused by introduction of the PCF and the ASYE; and • have the availability to deliver the training sessions. Duration: Three months from 2 January to 29 March 2013. Other information Bidders should note that shortlisted organisations may be required to attend an interview in Sheffield between 17 and 21 December 2012.

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Department for Education
Social Work Reform Unit,Sanctuary Buildings, ,20 Great Smith Street
Paul Harper
0161 6001521

Contract value: 1.00GBP

Published: 22 Oct 2012, Receipt by: 6 Dec 2012