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Pseudo Dynamic Purchasing System - Individual Service Fund Provider List

An Individual Service Fund (or ISF) is when an organisation manages a Personal Budget on behalf an individual with care and support needs, and helps them to decide how and when they want care and support to meet assessed outcomes. Within an Individual Service Fund (ISF): > An individual's Personal Budget is paid to, and is held by, an organisation (the ISF Provider) for the provision of care and support > The individual (or their representative) with the help of the ISF Provider, decides how to spend their Personal Budget to meet their assessed care and support needs and outcomes. > The ISF Provider is accountable to the individual (as well as to the Council). > The ISF Provider commits to spend the money only on the individual's service and the management and support necessary to provide that service An ISF Provider can deliver some or all of the services required to meet the individual's assessed care and support needs and outcomes. Where an organisation does not deliver all the services, they can work with the individual to outsource to another organisation or support them to purchase equipment, employ Personal Assistants, or arrange other types of support. This procurement is to appoint organisations wishing to offer Individual Service Funds to Wakefield Council's accredited ISF Provider List.


Corporate Procurement Team
Wakefield One Po Box 700,Burton Street
01924 306974

Contract value: 42500000

Published: 25 Jun 2018, Receipt by: 25 Jul 2018