December Newsletter 2022

Oscar December 2022 Newsletter

Festive greetings to one and all

Going to go with a short and snappy one this time. I could pitch that as being intentionally kind on those few that read the quarterly missives in full (cutting to the chase, those on payroll); but that would be telling fibs. So instead I shall fess up to the fact that December seems to have come and gone even quicker than our world cup hopes (congrats to the winners – a nod to our Argentinian colleague) and consequently the time needed for the usual meticulous (sic) work, thought and especially humour with it.

So, first things first; our offices will be closed from lunchtime of the 23rd of December and we’re back – ready and raring to go for 2023 on the 3rd of January. If you need anything between these times we will be monitoring emails and, of course, all data subscriptions and services will continue to be live and available. If you do need anything this side of the yuletide jollifications, best shout soon

For those crying out to find out what happened with the self-inflicted misery of moving home (I promised an answer/update in the October letter)…simples; we have failed. Buyer pulled out at the 11th hour (something about prevailing market conditions, interest rates and inflation….no idea what they were on about). So that’s all gone in the bin and we’ve decided that 5 months of financial, legal and logistical bothers were sufficient for at least the next few months. Hey ho, least we hadn’t packed everything! – I even found the kettle earlier.

Note to self:

1 – Avoid estate agent windows

2 – Don’t ever try and move

3 – See rules 1 and 2.

Sooooo, that aside, I’d like to thank everyone at Oscar, our lovely clients and users and – of course- those that have chosen to spend 10 minutes every 3 months reading these newsletters. I’m pleased to report a very positive 2022 for Oscar and much more to come in 2023.

A light section below for the usual bits and pieces:


General updating work across orgs and postholders continues as usual of course, the following table shows the number of changes made in the past 90 days:



So much added to our lovely new platform including Articles and Suppliers sections, please have a play here


We have begun the process of re-designing the Oscar website to suit our new branding and also the broader range of intelligence and engagement solutions we now provide. All thoughts, comments and ideas welcomed on anything we should be including, things you can never find and generally anything that might make your online interactions with us a little easier and more informative.

I promise more detail for the March edition. Meantime, a very Happy Christmas to one and all and here’s to a peaceful and healthy 2023!!

James and team at Oscar


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