2023 Local Elections

Blog Post: 2023 Local Elections Summary

An important part of the Oscar world is our political data. Namely our live database of all national, regional and locally elected representatives, their roles and responsibilities and the organisations and areas they represent. Each year sees a proportion of council seats facing election as well as periodical Mayoral and PCC elections.

The May 2023 local elections saw some signifcant movement between the political parties

This election is the largest of the 4/5 year cycle in Local Government. At over 40% of all seats went to the public vote.

Some of the key figures around the election being:

- 8202 Seats

- 241 Councils having partial or full elections

- 41 Councils having boundary changes

- 1491 individual ward boundary changes.

- 4 Mayor elections

In summary the outcome largely favoured Labour and the Lberal Democrats and notably the Green party who increased their seat tally by over 100%.

The results in numbers across election seats:

- Conservative party seats dropped by 31.65%

- Labour increased their seats by 25.12%

- Lib Dems increased their seats by 33.33%

- The Green Party increased their seats by 100.42%

Interesting the proportion of Independent Councillors dropped by 9.33%

From a gender perspective, the proportion of female councillors increased by 1.07% to ~37% of total seats.

We have produced a free analysis document that can be downloaded here



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