Mapping and Directories

Structured Public Sector Data Feeds and Applications

Our data can be provided through a number of different types of automated feeds and APIs to be deployed across websites, directories and maps. We have worked with Government Organisations, Publishers and Suppliers providing data feeds for public reference, research, sales planning and adding value, traffic, revenue and content to clients websites.

We host and run the following services powered by our own systems and data.

Public Sector Directory:

Directory and Search Engine of Government and Public Service organisations and postholders. Covers main organisational information, key demographics, internal structures plus contact and functional data for over 200,000 organisations and posts.

Surf Your Turf:

Google map based view of all Public Bodies. Due for launch in 2019 it will display the locations and types of organisation as well as various administrative, geographic and political boundaries. If you would like to be kept up to date with the developments, or have your own mapping requirements, please get in touch.

Example Map:

Oscar Political Data combined with Open Data Mapping Vectors to show the 2018 political landscape at a Local Government district level across the UK mainland. This particular map forms part of our LAPA report.

Hosted and Powered by Oscar

Public Sector Directory

Directory of Government and Public Service organisations and postholders.

Surf Your Turf

Google map based application covering of all Public Bodies

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