Our flagship subscription, the PSX provides everyone in your organisation access to the best of everything Oscar has to offer. Aimed at Public Sector organisations and larger corporate bodies, agencies, charities and key suppliers. Gives users the ultimate Oscar service and experience.

The complete Public Service Data, Digital and Intelligence Solution. Covering every Public Service organisation, all key posts and stakeholders. Delivered live via downloads, data feeds and via reports and a mapping interface. Subscribers benefit from the work of our 15 internal researchers and guidance from a dedicated account manager as well as our proprietary and industry leading live database selection and delivery systems.

The PSX subscription gives users the entire Public Services market in a box, with data for research, direct marketing and communication, digital advertising and tender feeds as well as market intelligence in the form of specific sector reports and organisational demographics.

PSX Subscription Presentation:

Key Stats:

Accurate - Over 1500 updates per day. We spend £350,000 annually on post holder and organisational research across our team of 15 UK based researchers.

Software - Latest data selection and delivery systems - we have invested £400,000 in our systems and compliant data management and delivery in the past 5 years.

Bespoke - over 2,000,000 possible data selection combinations. We hold over 800 Different Job Roles and Functions across 200 Org Types.

Access - Based on secure UK servers; our proprietary online systems, data access and reports run constantly 365 days a year with over 99.8% uptime in the past 12 months. All data downloads, feeds and reports are LIVE and reflect the latest changes and updates.

PSX Subscription Includes:

Service Area Service Description More Information
Data Post Holder Data Subscription Over 250,000 Post Holders, selectable by 800 job functions and roles. Live online selections and downloads in Excel. Database Overview
Data Organisational Data Subscription 90,000 Public Sector and Service organisations. Live downloads in Excel. Database Overview
Data Bespoke Data Feed Bespoke selection, field and format options to suit each client - including XML and JSON. Data Structure and Options
Digital PSN Supplier Subscription Weekly tender feed, Supplier Directory listing and unlimited event calendar entries. Supplier Subscription
Digital 12 month PSN Website Advert 370 x 100 Banner Advert on primary pages of PSN. PSN Media Pack
Digital Product and Service Article Article on PSN showcasing your organisation or service(s). PSN Media Pack
Digital e-Newsletter Content/Advert Two 595 x 95 monthly inclusions in the PSN e-Newsletter with distribution to over 150,000 post holders. PSN Media Pack
Intelligence Live LAPA Report Dynamic report showing the political landscape across Local Government. Report Preview
Intelligence Live Local Authority Report Live analysis of Councils by type, size, name, parent body and political control. Report Preview
Intelligence Live Care Home Report Live analysis of Care Homes by type, size, name, funding status, group and area. Report Preview
Intelligence Live Schools Report Live analysis of School by type, size, name, funding status, parent body, area and Ofsted results. Report Preview
Intelligence Live Housing Association Report Live analysis of Housing Associations by type, size, name, group and area. Report Preview
Intelligence CAP Report Uses the Oscar database as a benchmark to match and profile your current Public Sector customer database. Report Preview
Mapping Geographical Stakeholder Data Feed Set up and delivery of a bespoke feed of data based on Geographic data points. Stakeholder Feeds

Account Management

You will be allocated one of our expert client managers to help support your subscription. They are available by email or telephone anytime to help with everything from database selections, market coverage and structure to liaising with our PSN editorial team to place your adverts and content.