Intelligence and Engagement Solutions though Contract and Tender data.

Public Sector Contract Intelligence

By mining public tender request and contract award notices and combining with our organisational, geographic and postholder databases we are able to provide unique insight, analysis and datafeed solutions for our clients:

  • Competitor Analysis - Identifying and analysing current and historical suppliers by contract award volume, value and contract age/term profiles
  • Market Analysis - Identifying potential market through analysis of both open notices and award data - particularly value, supplier volume and supplier landscape
  • Sales Opportunity - Open opportunities and sight of /details around Forthcoming Contract Expiry based on any timeline.
  • Marcomms - Informing sets of Public Bodies, Suppliers and their postholders for targeted campaigns
  • Private Equity/VC - Identifying acquisition prospects based on volume and value of contract awards, plus general market potential for current/existing acquisitions.
  • Public Interest/Publishers/News - Transparency, insights and reports around Public Spend across any/all Buyer, Contract and Supplier types.

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Large Network and IT Company


Our client is a well established supplier in the Public Sector market and wished to know more about the overall market size and their place in it, their key competitors and to generally improve their own sales processes and effectiveness around Public Sector contracts.


  • Limited ability to analyse the available market value or buyer types
  • Little awareness of own or competitors place in the market
  • No access to details of future expiring contracts
  • Disparate, limited and inconsistent data across Sales and Marketing.

Which meant:

  • Missing opportunities
  • Significant time to locate and identify buyers and competitors
  • Decaying and abstract data around own clients
  • Incomplete SWOT analysis
  • Limited or no planning time for forthcoming opportunities
  • Cost and time of using multiple platforms and data sources
  • Manual data processing and time spent researching contracts


Leveraging our unique linkage between contracts, buyers and suppliers we worked with the client to identify the categories and keywords that would be most suitable to target the contracts of most interest. Using the resulting data we produced analysis of the overall market size, their own clients, key competitors and buyers. We then split the Public buyers up into three sections; those without current contracts, those with contracts with more than 18 months to run and those with contracts expiring in the next 18 months. Using this intelligence to inform the selections, we set up multiple live API feeds of key buyer and contract data points for Sales and Business Development and relevant buyer and postholder data feeds for Marketing.

Providing sales with a new, live and structured pipeline of opportunities and marketing with Intelligence and key stakeholder data to focus and tailor their communications to relevant Buyers.

Summary Benefits:

  • Increased insight
  • New opportunities
  • Updates to own client data
  • Work and data flow efficiencies
  • Competitor tracking
  • Tailored Marcomms