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15348-2013: UK-Derry: Road sweepers

Supply and Delivery of 6 No New 12 Tonne MAM Truck
Mounted Dual Sweep Mechanical Road Sweepers

Ref: Supply and Delivery of 6 No New 15 Tonne MAM Truck Mounted Dual Sweep Mechanical Road Sweepers.,


Derry City Council
98 Strand Road
For the attention of: Sharon O'Connor
BT48 7NN Derry
Telephone: +44 2871365151
Fax: +44 2871264858
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Further information can be obtained from: The above mentioned contact point(s)
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Contract value: New 12 Tonne MAM Dual Sweep Mechanical Road SweepersChassis: 12 Tonne MAM, left-hand drive fitted with automatic chassis lubrication system and finished in corrosion resistant black.Wheelbase: 3.0 Metres approximately.Wheel Plan: 4 x 2 Rigid.Engine: Diesel powered capable of producing at least 180 BHP whilst complying with a minimum of Euro-5 Emission Regulations. A speed limiting device restricting the maximum speed of the vehicle to 90 KPH must also be fitted and fully certified. An engine ‘cut-out' designed to shut the engine down in the event of excessive idle time, high engine temperature or low oil-pressure to be incorporated.Transmission: Both manual/automatic gearbox options will be considered pending nature of sweeping mechanism configuration. Facility for providing ‘Hydrostatic' PTO if required.Steering: Left-hand drive fitted with fail-safe power assistance and driver's airbag.Suspension: Parabolic leaf springs with maintenance free bushes and telescopic dampers.Brakes: Full pneumatic braking system incorporating ‘ABS' technology and preferably fitted with ventilated discs at all wheel stations. An auxiliary exhaust brake is also required. External pneumatic couplings must be conveniently yet discretely located at both front (female) and rear (male) to facilitate external charging of the main reservoirs. Appropriate protective shrouds to be fitted and secured to prevent ingress of dirt. The parking brake must operate via spring brake actuators on at least 1 axle. For recovery purposes, a means of manually releasing the parking brake should be incorporated and safe-working procedures documented. An air-dryer unit of the ‘throw-away' variety must be conveniently located to facilitate ease of maintenance.Wheels and Tyres: Road wheels should be of the pressed steel variety and finished in Brilliant Silver to match bodywork. All securing nuts shall be fitted with securing devices preferably of the ‘ric-clip' variety. New Michelin premium quality radial tyres capable of carrying vehicle MAM and appropriate to the specific demands of this challenging operational environment, must be fitted to all wheels. In-cab tyre pressure monitoring system to be fitted. A complete and functional spare wheel is also to be provided. Tyre pressures and wheel nut tightening torques as recommended by the chassis manufacturer must be conveniently and clearly labelled in close proximity to the relevant wheel station. These should be calibrated in lbs/in2 and N/m respectfully.Cab: Hydraulically tilting day-cab manufactured from corrosion resistant material and fitted with full sound insulation. Fully adjustable air-sprung driver's seat plus double passenger seat all covered in non-slip, easy clean fabric and fitted with 3-point harnesses. All mirrors including rear-view, wide-angle and kerb are to be of the unbreakable variety and where applicable electrically operated. The cab interior should be fitted with appropriate fixtures for holding the crew's personal protective equipment, wet gear and driver's documentation. Fully functional and certified digital tachograph to be installed and calibration certificate provided on delivery. Dash mounted Radio/CD player with Bluetooth connectivity to be fitted.Exhaust: Vertical stack construction with fully protective heat shield.Fuel Tank: 100 Litre minimum capacity manufactured from non-corrosive material with locking, labelled and secured (chained) fuel cap. An ‘anti-siphon' device must be permanently fitted to the neck of the tank. Where ‘Ad-Blue' is appropriate, a non-corrosive tank of not less than 25 litres capacity should be located adjacent to DERV tank and labelled accordingly.Electrical System: Fully colour coded 24-volt negative earth system incorporating ‘CANBUS' technology and fitted with dash-mounted and appropriately labelled power isolating switch. Where the supplier of the chassis and the sweeping mechanism are separate entities, every effort must be made to develop a wiring diagram that is all encompassing and in a common format. An amber strobe light-bar stretching a minimum of 75% of cab roof width must be fitted and appropriately fused. 2 No additional amber strobes must be incorporated into the front panel of each vehicle and 2 No at the rear (approx 15cms2) that operate in conjunction with PTO engagement. Heavy-duty ‘sealed for life' vehicle batteries should also be fitted with a capacity of not less than 110A/H. These should be securely yet conveniently located to facilitate maintenance and charging. A suitable protective cover must also be fitted and appropriately labelled. All fuses must be of the blade variety and appropriately labelled (amps/function). All lights where possible should be of the LED variety and appropriate protective guards fitted.CCTV System: A fully recordable 4-Camera CCTV system (Vision Techniques or similar) providing coverage of all external activity to be fitted and ‘data download' kit/training provided. A minimum of 250 Gigabyte storage facility required.Radio System: A 2-way radio system compatible with that currently in use within Derry City Council (Street Cleansing) should be permanently fitted in-cab and appropriately fused.Weighing System: An on-board weighting system of the ‘Load-Cell' type to be fitted to both axles. This must be connected to a cab mounted digital display informing the driver of the individual axle loads and overall vehicle loading status at all times. An audible warning device must be incorporated to advise the driver when nearing the MAM of the vehicle. On reaching the MAM the system must render the sweeping gear inoperative thus preventing further sweeping from taking place until the vehicle hopper has been emptied. The successful firm will be held responsible for the calibration of this system during the warranty period.Permanently mounted to above chassis. 1 No suction dual-sweeping unit powered either via truck engine or auxiliary engine.Hopper: Constructed from stainless steel with a minimum capacity of 6m3 and fitted with large access panels on both sides. Manual provision for draining excess fluids to waste must also be fitted. ‘Fan-wash' assist to be incorporated.Payload: Minimum payload of 5000Kg required.Litter Snatch: Fitted with a minimum of 4 metre lightweight suction hose for collection of bulky debris.Rear Door: Self-opening, reinforced, hydraulically operated closure system fitted with cab-mounted ‘door-open' alarm.Water Tank: A minimum of 1250 litre capacity fitted with hydraulic pump and individually controlled water spray-jets to all brushes and nozzles. To be supplied with stand pipe, hydrant key and 3 metre hose for replenishment purposes.Sweeping Width: Minimum 3.0 metres with both channel brushes deployed simultaneously.Control Panel: To be ergonomically designed and located to optimise safe and efficient operation of the sweeping gear.Lubrication: Central point greasing or automatic-lubrication system to be fitted to sweeper mechanism.Hose Reel: High-pressure jet lance capable of delivering 100 bar pressure complete with auto-retractable hose-reel fitted with 12 metres of hose.Ancillary Equipment: Cab mounted first-aid box.Cab mounted 1.0kg Fire Extinguisher.Externally mounted and protected 5 Kg Fire Extinguisher.Ancillary Electrics: All electric connections, harnesses, etc for the fitting of sweeper gear must be totally water- resistant to IP65 standard. Scene/Work lights to be fitted as appropriate. All additional lighting must comply with Construction and Use Regulations.Painting: The entire cab and body are to be finished to the highest standards in Mercedes Brilliant Silver (Code 9744). The vehicle chassis and all additional brackets required to mount the body must be finished in anti-corrosive black.High Visibility Painting: All vehicle profile markings must conform to SI 1986 No 1078. The rear profile of the vehicle shall be at least 90% covered in high visibility red/yellow chevrons.Road Tax: The successful firm will register and tax the vehicles in the City of Derry for a period of 1 year. A set of easy-clean number-plates having no additional texts/graphics displaying the vehicle registration number shall be permanently fitted front and rear.Administrative Documents: The successful firm shall complete and supply the following documents to be returned at time of delivery:(a) An Acquisition Record Pro-Forma that will be supplied.(b) A relevant tick-box type service/inspection schedule proforma preferably in A4 format.(c) Vehicle type approval certificate(d) Tachograph Calibration certificate(e) Parts Manual (Hard/Soft) copy(f) Operator's manuals (hard/soft) copy(g) All encompassing wiring diagramRegulations: All aspects of the vehicle whether original equipment or additional, must comply in full with statutory regulations and in particular, the Health and Safety at Work Act NI (1978) and Construction and Use Regulations.Delivery: The delivery period for the completed vehicle should be stated on completed tenders. The successful firm must honour the delivery date specified and shall within 3 working days of receipt of official order, advise Derry City Council in writing of the current delivery status. Any changes to the specified delivery date must be communicated in writing to Derry City Council as soon as possible.Training: Full and certified training must be provided to Derry City Council operatives and maintenance staff. Where necessary, additional refresher training or technical updates shall be carried out free of charge by the successful firm, throughout the lifespan of the vehicle.Warranty: Full 3 year ‘front to back' warranty required for both chassis and sweep gear. Where multiple firms are involved, Derry City Council will hold the named supplier on the official purchase-order as ultimately responsible for all aspects of warranty cover. Any minor defects that develop within the warranty period shall be repaired on-site by the selected firm.Technical Specs: Comprehensive technical specifications for both chassis and sweeping gear are required with each tender submission.Delivery Preparation: The vehicle shall be thoroughly prepared and cleaned for delivery.

Published: 17 Jan 2013, Receipt by: 15 Mar 2013