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Grant Competition for Provision for 24/7 Support For Victims of Sexual Violence in England and Wales

Government is committed to ensuring that victims-survivors of rape and sexual violence have access to quality support, appropriate to their needs, to help them cope and, as far as possible, recover from these appalling crimes. The cross-government Rape Review was commissioned in March 2019 by the National Criminal Justice Board to address the decline in prosecutions for rape, against a backdrop of an increasing number of reported rapes. In 2021 the government responded to the Rape Review and committed to providing 24/7 access to support for victims-survivors of sexual violence. The Rape Review made clear that victims-survivors should be able to access support whenever and wherever they need it: a victim-survivor's access to support should not depend on where in the country they are. Supporting victims-survivors of sexual violence continues to be a key priority for the Ministry of Justice. The commitment to funding a 24/7 service for victims-survivors of sexual violence forms one part of this overall landscape of support and activity. We have committed up to 3,000,000 over three years to be paid in a grant to a selected service provider, or a consortium of bidders with a lead applicant, to deliver 24/7 support to victims-survivors of sexual violence across England and Wales. The service will ensure that victims have access to quality support, appropriate to their needs, when they need it. Grant funding will be awarded for three years. The funding will be available from April 2022 up to and including March 31st 2025.

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Contract value: 3000000

Published: 3 Feb 2022, Receipt by: 17 Mar 2022