Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Tender for the Supply of Laboratory Consumables and Reagents

Tender for the Supply of Laboratory Consumables and Reagents The University has a requirement for an all-encompassing Framework to the following Lots: Lot 1 - Laboratory Consumables o Consumables General (e.g. Specimen containers, Storage, filters) o Biosciences General (e.g. Syringes, Surgical instruments, Microcentrifuge tubes) o Pipettes (e.g. Pipettors and tip, Pastettes, Pipette pumps) o Glassware (e.g. Beakers, Aspirators, Bottles) o Plastic General (e.g. Weighting boats, Bottles, Freezer boxes) o Safety (e.g. Gloves, Lab Coats, Safety spectacles) Lot 2 - Laboratory Reagents o Fine Chemicals (e.g. Sodium Salicylate) o General Chemicals (e.g. Hydrogen peroxide, Sodium Bicarbonate, Sulphuric Acid) o Biosciences Chemicals (e.g. Acrylamide, Microscope slide mounting media, Tris) o Solvents (e.g. Acetonitrile, Ethanol, Water) o Laboratory Cleaning Products (e.g. Decon, Laboratory detergents, Disinfectant virucidal tablets) The Framework Agreement will be awarded up to 4 suppliers per Lot, provided the bidder(s) meets the required minimum standards. The bidders may bid for any or all combinations of Lots.


Susanna Ting
B15 2TT
United Kingdom

Contract value: 3000000-30000000

Published: 25 Jun 2020, Receipt by: 16 Jul 2020