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TFL - 01296 Supply of Wheels, Axles and related components

TfL requires a Contract(s) to be put in place for the Supply of Wheels, Axles & related components. TheContract(s) is for Legacy Fleet requirements for a term of 5 (five) years and will support the existing fleet maintenance requirements until its scheduled replacement anticipated in 2026 - 2035. The provisions of the Agreement contain the option to extend for a further 5 plus 5 (five) years and shall not be exercised on more than two (2) occasions in total, and the aggregate Term of the Agreement shall not exceed 15 years. The Contract may be awarded as a single Contract for all Lots forming an award for the Supply of Wheels, Axles & related components to one (1) supplier or up to three (3) Lots where a maximum of three (3) suppliers will be awarded. Lots will comprise of: • Lot 1 Supply of Wheels • Lot 2 Supply of Axles • Lot 3 Supply of related components which comprise of Pinions, Suspension tubes and Gearwheels. Bidders may choose to bid for one (1) Lot or a combination of Lots. If bidders tender for more than one Lot, they must submit their pricing for each Lot separately. Bidders are encouraged to indicate whether alternative pricing would apply if awarded a combination of Lots. The tender will be a two-stage process: Stage 1 - Supplier Selection Questionnaire (SSQ) Stage 2 - Invitation to tender (ITT) The SSQ submissions will be evaluated according to a two (2)-stage process where submissions will be assessed in the order of: Stage 1: Mandatory Compliance for Part 1 (Supplier Information) and; Part 2 (Exclusion Grounds) (Information Only, Pass/Fail, Discretionary Pass/Fail or Scored & Weighted). Stage 2: Part 3 (Information Only, Discretionary Pass/Fail or Scored & Weighted) All responses will be evaluated using the e-tendering system. Bidders who are selected will be ranked in order of their total scores. Up to a maximum of eight (8) Bidders will be taken through to the ITT stage. TfL has reserved the right to invite more or less than eight (8) Bidders through to ITT, dependant on the number of suppliers that achieve the minimum scoring required to pass. It should be noted that, following conclusion of all stages of the evaluation process, TfL will carry out a detailed Assurance Audit of the preferred bidder for each Lot including compliance checks to ensure that all relevant standards have and will be, effectively met and demonstrated. It should be noted, that this audit will involve only the preferred bidder. Should the preferred bidder for a Lot fail to satisfy the requirements as set out, TfL reserves the right to eliminate that preferred bidder from the tender process and to invite the second placed bidder to undergo the same audit process. TfL reserves the right to discontinue the Procurement Process without awarding a contract.


Davinder Ubbi
5 Endeavour Square
E20 1JN

Contract value: 28000000-34000000

Published: 30 Jun 2020, Receipt by: 10 Aug 2020