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Diary Management System

A diary management system that can deliver the following requirements:

General Requirements

Diary display showing day, week and month options

Customisable colours and names for event types/statuses

Client/Event free text section for note saved against the client/event

Event/client documents (emails/action sheets) to be saved onto the system

Customisable financial section for each event/client

Maintenance/edits operable by on site venue representative

Customisable categories for events/clients

Option to remove mandatory completion of event/client sections

Individual user specific logins

Option to add set up and derig timings for each event

System’s calendar to synchronise with Outlook

Email function with records in system and copies to Outlook

Option to add notes to dates, e.g. special offers, price demand calendar details

Option to add special days that would impact on bookings – i.e. school holidays

Contracts/Confirmation forms – ability to produce immediately via merged fields from event details with option to write free text from Word

Quick input option for internal bookings

Reminder function for chases/contracts etc

Ability to manage multiple bookings for one event

Smart search option to easily locate contacts / events

Sales Requirements

System to generate sales proposal document from event details including images/details of rooms etc

DDR package builder – ability to easily adjust DDR prices when negotiating and change both the room hire/ catering element immediately - including commission %

Automated sending of sales reports

Reports - actual income vs manually inputted budget

Reports - ability to track confirmed, provisional and prospect business and compare with previous years.

Reports - staff conversion rates

Reports - lost business

Reports - enquiries

Reports - occupancy levels

Reports - Customizable

Operational Requirements

Event action sheet – ability to produce immediately via merged fields from event details with option to write free text from Word

Option to add in equipment and costs for each event, e.g. flipchart @ £100

Integration of floor plan software

Reports - commission

Reports - DDR income/expenditure

Reports - P&L against each event

Reports - monthly commission income vs budgets

Marketing/Comms Requirments

E-marketing: need to be able to import stats from Mailchimp (or similar) to individual contacts (i.e. unsubscribe requests etc)

Quick client database selection and export by relevant categories or specified date range (i.e. business type, marketing source etc)

Reports - Marketing ROI

ICT Requirements

Account export file functionality. If possible to (obviously dependent on whether we are allowed to do so) import into Access Dimensions. Access Dimensions to end current duplication of effort.

Cloud based system

Remote access availability

ipad platform for site visits

Support office hours Mon-Fri

Other Desirable Requirements

Ability to sell tickets through the system

Option to designate 'parent companies' for large organisations with many departments/locations

Option to upload images of museum account manager

P&L reporting

‘Internal booking request’ form which could be inputted automatically into diary if accepted.

Emails from system to client with attachment and with our Science Museum email address. Also backed up on the system and Outlook

Post code look-up functionality

Feedback response function – survey linked into system

Have access to custom links within system & link to social media profiles (i.e. Google, LinkedIn, Museum websites, Twitter, Facebook etc)

Event action sheet – ability to tailor so different parties only view their area of interest – i.e. catering, security. Ability to add typical event schedules, arrangement templates and staff instructions. To be saved with event automatically.

Automated sending of operations reports/event action sheets

Able to record different commission levels for different caterers and agencies

Ability to track client reward schemes – i.e. booking 5 conferences and get the 6th free

Smartphone app access for site visits

Support 24-7 days a week

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Ref: SCM0143M,


Science Museum Group
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Sam Owen
+44 2079424000

Contract value:

Published: 11 Dec 2012, Receipt by: 4 Jan 2013