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Power Capability Extension (PCE)

Power Capability Extension (PCE) seeks to manage the provision of General Purpose Power (GPP) as an interim solution between the end of the two contracts that provide the current provision for capability in July 2022 and the delivery of the replacement provision, Manoeuvre Power (Man-P), in 2027 (estimated). Man-P is scoped to combine the two GPP requirements into a single provision and is anticipated to be a competitive procurement. GPP provides support for equipment including electrical power generators across the 2kW to 40kW range and electrical distribution equipment in 3 and 1 phase variants. It supports numerous applications in the Land Environment; to support command systems, communications equipment and deployable medical facilities. GPP is required in diverse climatic conditions across the world for extended periods and is therefore a key component of the Army's operating capability.

Abbey Wood
BS34 8JH

Contract value: 60000000-100000000

Published: 31 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 5 Oct 2020