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The Rapid Innovation Cell (RIC), - UK MoD Open Architecture and Testing Approach for C-sUAS (Counter-Drone) Systems

UK MoD Open Architecture and Testing Approach for C-sUAS. The misuse of small unmanned aircraft systems (sUAS) represents a significant and growing risk to operations and day-to-day Defence activity both in the UK and overseas. The Rapid Innovation Cell (RIC), endorsed by the Military Capability Board, has been established as part of the UAS Capability Development Centre (UASCDC) to test and evaluate (T&E) mature C-sUAS capabilities and generate a managed Defence database of available capabilities. Through a regular programme of T&E events, the RIC will establish the efficacy of commercially available capabilities. It will also increase broader awareness of the C-sUAS market and support a more agile method of delivering capability to the front line. To prevent capability gaps and ensure interoperability, it is intended that Defence C-sUAS systems will use the 'SAPIENT' open architecture. This will also ensure that our systems can evolve at the component level enabling the spiral development of capability. C-sUAS Pre-Procurement Testing Approach The RIC has established a series of Test Cycles. Each Test Cycle will focus on a particular subset of C-sUAS systems. Test Cycles will be scheduled for every six months, nominally in the autumn and spring of each year. At the start of each Test Cycle, a four-week application window will be opened for potential suppliers to put forward their mature products for testing via an online product questionnaire. • Test Cycle #1, planned for autumn 2020, will focus on two types of system: 1. static, land-based, integrated C-sUAS systems (consisting of a minimum two types of sensors and an RF jammer, integrated with C2) 2. static, land-based, passive RF detection sensors • Test Cycle #2, planned for spring 2021, will focus on static, land-based, Cyber Effectors, that can effect a drone's mission. The RIC maintains a register of potential C-sUAS suppliers. All potential suppliers registered with the RIC will receive access to a UK C-sUAS Defence Portal containing information about the testing approach and the interface specification. The online product questionnaire will be hosted on the UK C-sUAS Defence Portal and will be the only way to apply for testing with the RIC. Hence, potential suppliers are advised to register with the RIC to ensure timely access to information and application windows. Please use the following web address to register with the RIC:

Abbey Wood
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Published: 13 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 1 Oct 2020