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Scheme Delivery Framework (SDF)

Highways England continues to roll out the Asset Delivery model to its operational areas. There is a requirement to deliver a range of renewal, improvement and selected small scheme construction works on the Strategic Road Network in areas utilising specialist contractors working collaboratively with Highways England to deliver these works. It is envisaged that this framework will straddle two Road Investment Strategy (RIS) periods (RIS 2 and RIS 3) enabling a smooth transition between them. Works for schemes have been divided into a number of workstreams that align with the contractors' specialisms, and will also include design. Bandings have been introduced into the framework model to differentiate some contracting terms between bands. The framework is split into the Lots below: Lot 1.1 General Civil Engineering (super region) Lot 1.2 General Civil Engineering (region) Lot 2 Drainage Lot 3.1 Temporary Traffic Management (super region) Lot 3.2 Temporary Traffic Management (region) Lot 4.1 Road Restraint Systems and Fencing (super region) Lot 4.2 Road Restraint Systems and Fencing (region) Lot 5 Landscaping and Ecology Lot 6 Road Markings Lot 7 Road Lighting and Electrical Lot 8 Structures Waterproofing and Expansion Joints Lot 9 Technology (incl Traffic Signals) Lot 10 Structures, Structural Services and Concrete Repairs Lot 11 Cathodic Protection Lot 12.1 Design Services (region) Lot 12.2 Design Services (super region) All Lots are subject to bidding restrictions and there will be Award rules in place. The SQ document suite including the Briefing note provide further details. Organisations please note that where there are existing Highways England contractual arrangements for Scheme Delivery (for example such as construction Works Framework), it is expected that once these existing arrangements expire, these areas will then access the Framework. Further information is available in the Briefing Note.

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Contract value: 3600000000

Published: 7 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 10 Sep 2020