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Effectiveness of historic environment options within the CSS (HS3, HS4, HS9)

Research to understand the role of follow up treatments, grazing and environmental factors in controlling the speed of bracken re-establishment after initial treatment. This is so that more accurate advice can be given to landowners and managers to; limit spread of bracken, preserve benefits of bracken control, and limit future need for chemical application. The project will draw on data collected from AES agreements, analysis of multispectral satellite imagery, and environmental data sources to establish the factors that govern the rate of re-establishment of bracken beds following bracken control. Inclusion of sites where control has not taken place will be required in order to provide a measure of the long term effectiveness of DEFRA funded bracken control and the response of bracken to changing climatic conditions. This project findings will inform multi-agency advice on bracken control and provide evidence to underpin future policy and environmental schemes. Objectives of the project are listed below. 1. Identify a methodology for measuring the extent and vigour of bracken by remote sensing using satellite data. 2. Analyse and determine the value of grazing data collected by land managers as a requirement of an AES; in order to gain a view on the effect of grazing on bracken re-establishment. 3. Determine how the above information can be combined with other environmental data such as soil characteristics, elevation, aspect, region, and climate (particularly rainfall, latest frost dates and minimum, maximum and average temperatures) to provide a broad picture of the range of factors that influence bracken recovery. 4. Identify the significance that varying grazing regimes play in controlling bracken re-expansion following bracken control across a wide range of English landscapes under a range of environmental conditions. 5. Provide evidence that will: a. Underpin advice given to landowners b. Inform options for future c. Demonstrate role of grazing


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Published: 7 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 1 Sep 2020