Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Provision of 5G Mast's (Static and Mobile) and local private network for the Riseholme Campus

This is a request for market engagement and for any interested parties to make contact and engage with the University The University is looking for a supplier who can supply, build and maintain a local (Private) 5G Stand Alone wireless network, including the provision of: the infrastructure (both hardware and software); static masts to provide coverage of two distinct areas and connectivity via 10GB link for Cloud computing; a mobile pop up mast capable of being towed by a normal road vehicle (e.g. maximum weight 3500kg) and provide completely stand-alone capability (e.g. power, edge-compute capabilities); and the licence to OFCOM for the spectrum licence(s) for the Riseholme Campus and other sites, to be advised, as and when the mobile solution needs to be deployed. A key component of this requirement is the provision of a mobile/pop up mast that will use the 5G network in remote areas of the county. This is an important element of the project needed to facilitate the research.

Campus Way

Contract value: 350000

Published: 9 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 19 Aug 2020