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Project 30128 - Soil & Slurry/Manure Nutrient Analysis for Catchment Sensitive Farming Project

Creation of a new framework to deliver soil and slurry/manure nutrient analysis in order to provide farmers and the Catchment Sensitive Farming (CSF) project with soil condition and organic nutrient information. This will enable Delivery Advisers, contracted on behalf of CSF, and Natural England Catchment Sensitive Farming Officers (CSFO) to have the evidence to influence farmers of the benefits of soil testing and good nutrient management. These results will be an advice and training tool for CSF to inspire farmers to undertake voluntary action to help improve water quality, where agriculture has been identified as part of the issue. The analysis will enable farmers to use nutrients more efficiently, improve soil organic matter and soil health to reduce the risk of nutrient and soil run-off, as well as improve business efficiency. The CSF project is delivered in partnership by Natural England and the Environment Agency, and is funded through Defra and the Rural Development Plan for England. The primary aim of the CSF project is to use voluntary, supportive means to reduce water pollution from agriculture in England to improve WFD outcomes. Natural England employ a number of CSFOs throughout the country but some work is also contracted out through Farming and Land Management Advice (FaLMA) to employ Delivery Advisers to undertake work on behalf of CSF. This will be a contract to run over 2 years with an additional extension of 2 years.


Natural England
Unex House

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Published: 18 Aug 2020, Receipt by: 9 Sep 2020