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Replacement of Three Aging Radon Active Monitors

Public Health England (PHE) has a requirement to replace three of their aging active radon monitors. The requirement is for its Centre for radiation, chemical and environmental hazards (CRCE) lab in Chilton. The solution must be able to provide the following: - One single portable solution (due to its use in both a laboratory and field environment) - Able to operate in passive (diffusion) and active (pumped air) mode - Capable of measuring over a range of time intervals, ideally 1 minute to 1 hour - Able to store at least six months of data recorded at one hour intervals - Capable of mains and battery operation - Capable of a minimum of one week's operation in diffusion mode on battery power - Capable of downloading data to a PC for analysis. Downloaded data should be available to use as a text file or other format suitable for use with Microsoft Excel. - Able to measure a range of radon concentrations from 50000 Bqm-3 PHE currently has other radon monitoring equipment located at this site (radon in soil, radon in gas) which is manufactured by Saphymo. Therefore in order for continuity of work there is a requirement that the solution purchased by PHE is compatible with current equipment. PHE intends to purchase an Alphaguard system from Southern Scientific Ltd in order to fulfil this requirement. The reasoning behind this is that Southern Scientific Ltd are the UK distributor of the Alphaguard system which PHE believes is the only platform capable of providing a single system that incorporates all of the above specifications. If you believe that this information is incorrect and you have a system capable of being an alternative solution, please contact

Centre For Radiation, Chemical & Enviromental Hazards, Didcot OX11 0RQ
OX11 0RQ

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Published: 20 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 1 Jan 2001