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The Provision of Peers Reviews- Value of Diplomacy

1. The UK contributes significantly to global diplomacy, whether helping to secure an ambitious climate deal in Paris, to the Iranian nuclear negotiations, or to the high quality service it provides to British National overseas. 2. There is an increasing demand from Ministers and Senior Officials to be able to demonstrate the value of the work that the Civil Service carries out. In some government departments, where for example the focus is on infrastructure, education or health provision, there are relatively well established methods for valuing outputs. 3. The project considers a broad definition of diplomacy, and will use various methods to measure it. This ranges from econometric analysis of trade patterns, to case studies of conflict resolution. The first part of this project was contracted out and provided recommendations for how to conduct the project. We are now beginning to assess different strands of work, covering a range of diplomatic activities. 4. In order for this project to be as robust as possible we are contracting an external organisation to peer review methodologies and results. We are therefore contracting 30 days of external advice. This will be spread over the financial year 2017-18 in varying lengths and frequencies, not extending longer than 31 March 2018. Key requirements 5. Your organisation, or partner, must have previous experience in econometric modelling and economic analysis. Methods currently considered include option pricing, insurance models and revealed and stated preferences.

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Published: 23 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 14 Jul 2017