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Provision of sewing machines, parts, ancillary items and repair services

This provision relates to the supply of Sewing Machines, Parts, Ancillary Items and Repair Services to MoJ Public Sector Prison Industries (PSPI). Suppliers will be required to source, stock and deliver as requested across the prison estate a range of goods and/or services. PSPI manage industries in 95 prisons in England and Wales, including some private sector prisons, and currently operate 465 workshops employing 1056 staff and around 11,500 prisoners and detainees. This includes 64 Textile workshops, employing approximately 1900 prisoners on a daily basis producing clothing and textile products for the prison population. Prison Industries also continue to support other Government Departments by using offender labour to manufacture over £3million pounds worth of goods annually. The purpose of PSPI is to help reduce the potential for prisoners to reoffend and to help PSP deliver Decent Regimes. Allied to that purpose are two main aims: • To provide employment for prisoners, enabling them to experience real work, 'on the job training', and life skills in the preparation for their release. • To produce high quality goods and services to allow prisoners to live decent lives in custody. The expectation is that this requirement will be procured by establishing a framework agreement that will have a total value of approximately £1.5m over 4 years. There will be 3 lots for: 1) machines, 2) parts and ancillary items and 3) repair and maintenance services. Individual lots range in value from approximately £25,000 - £500,000 per annum. The intention is to subdivide lot 3 (repair and maintenance services) in to 6 regional lots with an annual value of £2,500 - £12,000.


Sarah Jones
Harcourt House, Chancellor Court, 21 The Calls

Contract value: 1500000

Published: 13 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 1 Jan 2001