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UK SBS PR17065 North Seeking Attitude Heading Reference System (AHRS)

CLOSING TIME FOR BIDS IS 30/06/2017 AT 14:00 HOURS DO NOT APPLY DIRECTLY TO THE BUYER. To express your interest in this opportunity please email To register on our e-sourcing portal click on and follow the link "Supplier eSourcing Registration". Specification Background Operation and Error Sources The primary purpose of the system is to provide as accurate as possible heading estimates in real time to the AUV system. Update rate should be 1 Hz minimum. Roll and pitch information is also needed by the AUV, but for the applications considered, the accuracy required for these will pose no significant technical challenge. The AHRS system will be provided with velocity updates, but as the AUV will not be within DVL bottom track range at all times (when it will rely on speed through the water measurements), the system performance accuracy must be characterised for a given (unknown at run time) error in the velocity aiding. Furthermore, although the system will be provided with position updates, there will be occasions when position error (critically, the latitude error) is moderately large. Therefore the system must be characterised for moderate latitude errors. The AHRS must be declared to operate at, and with accuracy characterised at, high latitudes, with the unit is aided with erroneous velocity (or speed) and latitude.


Elizabeth Gage
Polaris House

Contract value: 140000-150000

Published: 14 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 30 Jun 2017