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NHS Supply Chain Future Operating Model - Supporting Technologies and Infrastructure Services

A contract between the Authority (the Authority being the NHS Business Services Authority as per OJEU notice) and its incumbent Supplier relating to the procurement and supply of goods and services across the NHS, together with supporting information and communication technology services ("ICT services") is due to expire on 30 September 2018. In the re-procurement of the services delivered by the current contract, the Authority is disaggregating the ICT services from the procurement and supply of goods. In this procurement exercise, the Authority (represented in the procurement by the Department of Health) is seeking to award a single contract for the delivery of supporting technologies and infrastructure services (only), which will include transformation services for the replacement of legacy systems. The Authority will set up an Intelligent Client Co-ordinator ('ICC') to fulfil the contract management role and acton behalf of NHS Customers and the Authority. There will be an obligation in the contract for the appointed supplier to enter into a novation agreement with the Authority and the ICC if required. The procurement is being conducted via the competitive dialogue procedure under Regulation 30 of the Public Contract Regulations 2015 and it is anticipated that 6 potential providers will be invited to submit outline solutions and 4 potential providers will be invited to submit final tenders. The services that are required can be briefly described as: - Transition services - to transfer all current services and systems (including novating contracts as required) to the successful supplier on or before the 30 Sept 2018. - Business as Usual services - to provide continuity of the transitioned services (as set out in the Authority's requirements). - Transformation services - to enhance existing legacy systems and services (as requested by the Authority)during the contract period. Three transformation projects have been identified by the Authority, but additional projects may be added. The three projects are: 1) A new Integration platform; 2) Replacement of the warehouse management; and 3) A new order management (RESUS) systems. It is anticipated that dialogue will be concentrated on transformation services. The dialogue may be conducted in successive stages leading to submission of a Final tender. Price is not the only award criterion and all criteria are stated in the procurement documents along with details of the services required.


Procurement Lead
Skipton House
80 London Road

Contract value: 248800000-248800000

Published: 15 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 13 Jul 2017