Public Sector Network Tender Alert


Invitations invited to provide a Fire & Rescue Service Incident Recording System

Since April 2008 LFRS has used the Home Office hosted web solution to record data for the Incident Recording System (IRS). We wish to move to a commercial software solution that provides for internal control over the processing of incident data (processing includes the capture, recording, storage, manipulation, maintenance, sharing and destruction of data) that we will use to provide the Home Office with IRS data. This will also provide better resilience and business continuity for LFRS should the Home Office web service become unavailable. The solution we will procure will be capable of processing additional information not required by the Home Office. It will feature similar logic to the Home Office solution in relation to questions presented to the user and data validation. We will store the data locally and the supplier will confirm that all data gathered and/or otherwise generated by the system will remain the property of LFRS. This data will be shared with other LFRS and external systems. It is vital that LFRS is able to secure the software and services of a credible supplier who has pedigree, track record and a highly professional approach to deliver these services and enable LFRS to meet its goals and business needs. To obtain a copy of solution requirements please email: or download from this portal.


Paul Botterill
12, Geoff Monk Way,Birstall
+44 1162292037

Contract value: 100000

Published: 15 Jun 2017, Receipt by: 7 Jul 2017